Friday, August 13, 2010

Dragonfly (32) - Orthetrum Chrysis

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Spine-tufted Skimmer
Status : Common
Location : Rifle Range Nature Trail, Venus Drive

This is a common and relatively unattractive dragonfly species.  It is not easy to get a nice shot as they are usually quite sensitive to human.  I often gave it a miss and therefore, I am not surprised that I could only found one record image in my harddisk.  I shall make an effort to spend sometime on this species and get a better shot next time. 

(Rifle Range Nature Trail - 22 Apr 2010)


Antony Ratcliffe said...

I would be quite happy to get a shot like that. you're building up a fantastic record of Odonata species in Singapore.

Anthony Quek said...

My interest in recording odonata species in Singapore started in Nov 08. So far, I am happy to have collected about half of it :D