Thursday, March 17, 2011

Damselfly (16a) - Amphicnemis gracilis

After collected 70% of Singapore damselflies, it is so difficult to add new ones. It is already March now and I don't even have a single new addition for this year :( So, the next best thing is to get improvement shots of exisitng collection :smile: Presenting here is an improvement shot of an immature female, A. gracilis.

(Bukit Timah Bicycle Trail - 16 Mar 2011)

I particularly like the striking red thorax of the immature female and it is on my wishlist to get some close-up shots of it.

(Side view close-up)

A. gracilis is one of the most cooperative damselflies that I have seen.  It usually stays on a particular spot for a long period of time.  The difficulty in photographing this species is that it prefers to stay around dark surrounding area.  That means we have to shoot this species in a very slow shutter speed eg. the side view close-up above was shot at 4 seconds despite using a high ISO 800!

Click here for more information of this beautiful damselfly species.