Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dragonfly (36) - Indothemis Limbata

Family : Libelluidae
Common Name : Restless Demon
Status : Critically endangered
Location : Lornie Trail

This species is listed in the Singapore Red Data Book as critically endangered.  The male is dark blue in colour with some silver markings at the last few segments of its adbomen.  The colour of the female is said to be paler and is even more rare.

(Male - Lornie Trail, 23 Aug 2010)

On 23 Aug 2010, 2 males were spotted around the reservior edges along the Lornie Trail.  They perched on some leaves in the middle of the water making it difficult to shoot.  The above image was taken with my tripod set at the slope of the reservior edge.   I had to attach my 1.4TC to get a reasonable reach to this dragonfly.  Fortunately, it stayed at this perch for a long period enabled me to take some decent shots.

(Lornie Trail - 23 Aug 2010)

I revisited Lornie Trail on 25 Aug 2010 and I am glad to obtain an improvement shot of this species.

(Lornie Trail - 25 Aug 2010)


Antony said...

You're very lucky to see that Anthony. Well done.
I did'nt realise Dragonflies were cannibalistic, yesterday I saw a large Aeshna juncea take a small Sympetrum striolatum out of the air go to ground and start eating it 'head first'!
You may be interested in the shots I took of a pair of Sympetrum striolatum mating. If you have the time please take a look.


Anthony Quek said...

Thanks for your comments, Antony!

Nice dragonfly mating shot you got there! I like the details too. My personal experience with dragonflies is that they only mate for a short period time and get a nice mating shot of them is very difficult, imo. So, well done, my friend :D

Joanna Durczok said...

Great photo and the description too, it's very informative;)

Anthony Quek said...

Thanks for dropping by and comments :D