Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Damselfly (4) - Podolestes Orientalis

Family : Megapodagrionidae)
Common Name : Flatwings
Status : Common forest species
Location : Venus Drive, Macritchie Nature Trail

The Podolestes orientalis is a common forest damselfly. It was first recorded in Singapore in 1997 and commonly known as the Flatwings Damselfly.  It is moderately built which likes to perch with its wings open up like a dragonfly. 

(Male - Venus Drive, 5 Nov 2008)

I first spotted it perching on a twig in the middle of in a small muddy pool of water. Looking from about a metre away, I had actually mistaken it as a dragonfly because of its flat wings and relatively bigger than the normal damselfly. It was not easy to set my tripod in the muddy water and quite difficult to move around as the surrounding area is small. Fortunately, the subject was cooperative which allowed me to get some close-up shots. As expected, the lighting in the forest was not ideal and since this was the first time that I was shooting under such poor light condition, I had quite a difficulty photographing it and I just tried my luck by trial and error.

(A shot showing the flat wings)

I initially thought it was a uncommon species but when I explored more into the various forest, I realised that they are actually quite common.

(Side view close-up shot)

(Mating - Venus Drive, 18 Jul 2009)

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