Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Damselfly (5) - Agriocnemis Femina

Family : Coenagrionidae
Common Name : Variable Wisp
Status : Common
Location : Segar Road, Toa Payoh Town Gardens, Jurong Woods, Holland Woods

This is a tiny damselfly about 22mm in size.  It is the smallest damselfly species that I have seen in Singapore, so far. A confusing species because of colour changes with maturity.

(Female - Segar Road, Jan 2009)

The immature male is green and orange but on maturity it becomes dark with heavy pruinescence on the head and synthorax. Females is red in colour.

(Immature male - Segar Road, Jan 2009)

This species usually perch lowly on grass and it was quite difficult getting a parallel shot. Also, they are not easy to get close.  The best time to photograph them is early in the morning when they are less active.

(Mature male - Holland Woods, 14 Mar 2009)

Afternote: The smallest damselfly is A. Nano which was spotted at Lornie Trail on 15 Sep 2010.  A very young female A. Femina (see below) was also sighted on this day.

(Very young female - 15 Sep 2010)


matinggeckos said...

Hi Anthony,

Nice dragonfly blog. Its good having more blogs and posts to showcase Singapore's dragonflies. Great pics of G. dohrni too.

The Red Jewel is only found at few streams in the Central Catchment Nature Reserves. (pls email me at


Anthony Quek said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your comments. I saw the G. dohrni only at two location at Venus Drive. Went back to get a better shot but they are no longer there. I try to find them again.

I have just emailed to you.