Sunday, July 10, 2011

Damselfly (33) - Neurobasis chinensis

Family : Calopterygidae
Common name : Green Metalwing
Status : Extinct
Location : Mt Ophir

This is a large damselfly species usually found at moderate to swift flowing clear forest streams or near waterfalls.  It likes to perch on stones or fallen logs in streams.  Such habitat, unfortunately, can no longer be found in Singapore and therefore, this species is believed to be extinct nationally.  Accordingly to Dragonflies of Singapore book, it was last recorded in a stream at Upper Macritchie in 1970.

The males have transparent forewings and attractive metallic green hindwings.  When in flight, the male looks like a beautiful butterfly flipping its brilliant metallic wings.  It is one of the most stunning damselflies that I have seen so far.  The female is a little less impressive than the male but still attractive to me.  It has amber coloured wings with white wing-spot.  Both the males and females have metallic green thorax and abdomen.

This damselfly is considered a common species in Malaysia.  Both the male & female were photographed at a stream near the entrance of Mt. Ophir Recreation Forest.

(Male, Mt Ophir - 8 July 2011)

(Female, Mt Ophir - 8 July 2011)

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