Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Damselfly (26) - Dysphaea Dimidiata

Family : Euphaeidae
Common Name : Black Velvetwing
Status : Extinct in Singapore
Location : Endau-Rompin National Park, Malaysia

According to the "Dragonflies of Singapore" book, this black with a slight purplish-coloured damselfly was already extinct in Singapore long ago.  This was photographed during my recent trip to Endau-Rompin National Park in Eastern Malaysia.  It was quite big is size and liked to perch on rocks in clear stream.  This male was quite skittish and I took quite sometimes to have finally got a decent shot of it.

(Male - Endau-Rompin National Park, Malaysia - 31 Aug 2010)


Antony said...

Nice shot Anthony, he's a beauty is'nt he, looks unusual and well worth the patience you had to snap him. You must be happy with that.
Shame you can't find and take some larvae back to Singapore and re-introduce them.

Anthony Quek said...

This is an elegant and unusual species, Antony! Even if I could bring some larvae back, I afraid it could not survive for long Singapore does not have a suitable habitat for it :-(