Thursday, December 31, 2009

Damselfly - ID unknown

This damselfly was spotted around the same area where I found the Hyalina. They look quite similar but the colour of the thorax is slightly different. My guess is that it could be a juvenile Hyalina. I would appreciate it if someone could help to confirm the id of this species.

(Upper Peirce - 2009)


C.Y. Choong said...

L. hyalina is quite variable in colour. The most common one is dark violet/purple. Blue and light purple colour forms have also been recorded (they are most likely hyalina but need confirmation). Matti has immense interest on forms of hyalina. He may shed more light on this probelmatic taxon.

So, your this photo is most likely a L. hyalina.

Anthony Quek said...

Hi Mr Choong,
Thanks for your advice on the ID. The colour variation of this species is really amazing! They are certainly my most precious catch for 2009 :D