Friday, June 05, 2009

Newly Emerged Damselfly - ID unknown!

Damselflies lay their eggs in the water. The eggs hatch within a few days and the larvae grow quickly. The larva (about 2cm long) live in water and can molt up to 15 times during its growth. When the larva is fully developed, it moves to exposed rocks or plants where it prepares for the final stage of molting. The emergence may take about one hour. The picture below shows a newly emerged damselfly (ID unknown) from the last molting. It was taken at the same place when I photographed my previous 2 species of damselflies. Its body was soft and the body colour was not normal yet. It was weak and could not fly properly. It usually takes a day or two for its skin and wings to harden.

(Bukit Timah Cycling Trail - 30 May 2009)


Noppadon Makbun said...

From anal appendages, It seems to be a teneral male Onychargia atrocyana.

Anthony Quek said...