Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dragonfly (21) - Orthetrum Sabina

Family : Libellulidae
Common Name : Variegated Green Skimmer
Status : Common
Location : West Coast Park, Chinese Gardens, Jurong Woods II, Toa Payoh Town Gardens.

A relatively large dragonfly species. Quite commonly found near ponds. I have seen them at many locations such as Chinese Gardens, West Coast Park, Jurong Woods II, Toa Payoh Town Gardens, etc. The appearance of the male and female is almost identical. They are usually quite skittish and not easy to photograph.

(West Coast Park - 28 Feb 2008)

(West Coast Park - 28 Feb 2008)

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gabby said...

saw this at botanical gardens this morning (at eco lake). waited for almost 1 hour before i could finally get close enough at take a proper shot. and even so, it was quite hurried. it flew off after a while.