Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dragonfly (11) - Orthetrum luzonicum [呂宋蜻蜓]
Family : Libellulidae
Common name : Luzon Skimmer

(Male, Segar Road - 3 Jan 09)

Female (Venus Drive, 19 Apr 08)

A common species which are usually found in exposed marshes, around ponds and open streams. Females are yellowish in colour while males have overall blue in colour including its eyes. Both are relatively easy to approach and photographed.

(Mating - Venus Drive, 6 Jan 09)

Note: The close-up shot of Diplacodes trivialis was removed on 25 Feb 10 as it was wrongly posted here.


Matt Latham said...

Stunning close up!

Anthony Quek said...

Thanks Matt!